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Trio Cremeloque Lisboa

Concerto em Belgrado

Theodore Lalliet’s Terzetto presented by the Lisbon-based Trio Cremeloque on their recent CD has operatic overtones already present in the title of composition.  The sonorous duo between the bassoon and oboe is embellished by the piano in virtuosic contest.  Composer’s affinity for oboe, an instrument he played while working in Paris Opera, is present throughout the composition.  The climax of the work is most certainly in Andante maestoso, which is sensually rendered by the bassoon and oboe,  and by itself justifies this recroding.

Another highlight of the CD is Rachmaninov’s Trio élégiaque.  The warmth of tone combined with orchestral richness of Savka Konjikusic, Luís Marques and Franz-Jürgen Dörsam unfolds the beauty of this work.  Trio Cremeloque delivers instrumental finesse and warmth to this early composition of Sergei Ramchmaninov.

                  Daniel Knödler, Das Orchester

Trio Cremeloque brings good music infused with profound interpretation to the table.  The oboist and bassoonist of the Lisbon-based Trio Cremeloque deny the preconceived notion of superiority of string ensembles with virtuosic and expressive playing supported by refined musicianship of pianist Savka Konjikusic.

The opening Terzetto by little-known Theodore Lalliet is infectiously in its refined musicality that can only be rivaled by Francis Poulenc’s Trio composed half a century later.  Trio Cremeloque’s arrangements of Ravel's Pavane pour un Infanta défunte and Rachmaninov’s Trio élégiaque are convincing in their profoundness.

                         Frits van der Waa, de Volkskrant, December 9, 2015

The essence of chamber music is socializing because it was originally intended to be performed by friends.  That essence is most definitely preserved with Trio Cremeloque.  The concert performed by the trio was indeed special.  Good communication turned out to be another trademark of Trio Cremeloque; the expressiveness and musicality could only be rivaled by exceptional balance of the ensemble.

Radio Televison Serbia, February 2016

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